Monday, May 10, 2010

About Crisp

Growing up in a family of Italian immigrants, I learned to cook at a very young age. Dinnertime was a time for our family—me, my three sisters, and my parents—to gather around the table, and the food. We grew a large garden and canned a bit of the harvest for the year, always enough tomatoes to last through the next season. Holidays were always about the food and, of course, the Italian dishes that dominated the table. I didn’t realize the importance of cooking until I left home and started a life of my own. After getting married and having a son, I began experimenting with cuisine from all over the world and inviting friends—sometimes 15 or more! —to help eat my prepared feasts. What memories are made around a table of friends and good food!

Now, I am creating a table for friends to meet and enjoy my cooking exactly where it is meant to be enjoyed: in the home. Any home will do! You can attend my monthly Crisp dinners, or I can come to your home and create a special dining experience for any occasion from start to finish. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just bringing friends together, Crisp services include helping to create the perfect menu, setting a beautiful table, cooking and serving the meal, and clean-up. As the host or hostess, you get to relax and enjoy yourself with your guests and Crisp does the rest. Please contact us at 518-956-0534 to discuss your special event.

This past weekend, I decided to open my house to friends to come and try out some of my treats. I served some of my past favorites along with a couple new dishes. The menu:

veggie sushi rolls

summer rolls
beet and fennel salad
spinach salad with orange wedges, dates, and a orange blossom vinaigrette
spicy chicken wings
date, fig, and almond pastries

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Jessica said...

The food looks amazing, as it is always is when prepared with love by head chef Joycie :)

PS. I miss you!