Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mediterranean Magic--September 24, 2009

I am excited to post about my third Crisp event. Since I cancelled this event in August due to personal reasons, I decided to keep the menu for September the same.

It seemed to be the easiest of the menus that I have prepared. The guests included close friends and was more casual than previous dinners.

I created a menu based on Greek food. I ran across a great Greek cookbook, that I ended up purchasing called Vefa's Kitchen--the peppers, rice, and baklava were inspired from this cookbook. It is full of great recipes and beautiful pictures.

The menu for the evening included:

Stuffed cubanello peppers (some of the peppers came from my garden!)--with feta cheese, herbs, and olive oil.

Traditional Greek salad with a olive oil-lemon dressing (including fresh mint, oregano, and parsley from my kitchen herb garden).

Lamb marinated in yogurt, garlic and fresh herbs and grilled.
Tomato rice with cumin and coriander.
Sauteed spinach with herbed feta cheese.

Crisp does it up RIGHT!!!
--Laura Didyk, South Lee, MA

Baklava served with fresh figs.

These dinners always inspire me and excite me to do more. October 16, 2009 is the next event. If you are not on the guest list, and would like to be please let me know.

photos: Mike Watson