Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sruti Yoga Studio Opening

My friend Amy Web has just opened Sruti Yoga Center in Great Barrington, MA. She has a new, beautiful studio and she is continuing to hold Mysore classes along with workshops. Check out her web site for schedules and events at

Previously, Amy came to one of my dinners, she really liked the food and asked me to cater the opening of her studio for approximately 30 people. We decided on the following menu:


veggie sushi rolls
veggie summer rolls
beet and apple salsa
date bars
dried fruit rolls

I have become quite the expert in rolling....sushi, summer, and dried fruit rolls. It seemed like an underriding theme. I was also able to use fresh herbs from my herb garden, which always makes the food more special and fresh.

The evening was very special and it was exciting to be able to share this evening with Amy,her friends, and students.

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